As we have asked God how to be more effective with help to the underprivileged, we’ve been driven to think of how to serve, support and be a bridge so others can know about the Lord in the secular area, knowing we do not have a fixed and stable income, and seeing how we can contribute to others in the ministry, this led us to think of our personal desire of having an organization which helps sustain us financially, generate employment, and above all, allow us to perform our ministerial work full time as we properly manage the ministry with well-laid out plans, seeing that our desire is to stand out in a market where we see many opportunities and needs.

Since we felt this call, we have been walking by faith and allowing ourselves to be guided by our God through prayer and fasting, getting started has not been easy but we know that what we have, we just want to use for the Glory of God and that it will extend throughout the Christian and secular community, which is why additional help and support to achieve all this is needed.

A CALL TO action

The world is full of pastors and evangelists and with them countless organizations, centers and institutions that have ministries dedicated to door-to-door, prison, children, hospital visits, soup kitchens all of which are essential. Yet, what about this sector? This not so conventional area needs the presence of the church.
This is a faith ministry, we raise financial support to operate. We seek partners who will support our work to cover our monthly needs to be able to operate and can follow us by means of the monthly newsletters where we highlight the month’s activities and progress with pictures and outlines.
We ask for your consideration in becoming ministry partners in praying and giving. As God leads you, certainly we do not intend any pressure or presumption. We respect however the Lord may lead you.

Some of the ministries with whom we’ve worked

Thanks for your prayerful consideration

and please contact us for instructions on becoming more involved.

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