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Happy Day provides an innovative and comprehensive service which offers its clients a single place to obtain what they require in the sector of art, media and entertainment. Assisting in the creation of the most listened to, most watched and most loved media suitable for distribution and consumption in the Spanish and English markets. Our digital media solutions add to the wonderful art of creation.

The digital media industry is constantly changing. Success today and in the future requires an effective presence in the media along with the talent to adapt to the ever-changing trends of the day. Our creative professionals, experience and innovative skills offer our clients strategic creative ideas to keep relative in a constant innovative world.



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  • Happy Day Bilingual Productions
    USA Phone number: 407-371-3727
    Colombia Phone number: (572) 373-8243
    Cellular: (57) 313-797-4275 / (57) 316-624-6173
    Email: contact@happydaybp.com
    Web site: www.happydaybp.com